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Monday September 23rd 2019



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Philippines Warns Companies to Stop Recruiting Workers for Iraq

The US economy thrives on illegal immigration here in the United States so apparently the US State Department doesn't care. It uses Philippine workers and other laborers from countries that have bans on their citizens working in iraq to build its new embassy: Asian Workers Trafficked to Build World's Largest Embassy. Well, rest assured: It's [...]

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Bill Moyers and How the News Lost its Way on Iraq

Bill Moyer's in depth review of how the mainstream press was asleep at the wheel in covering the invasion and occupation of Iraq. "Buying the War: How Big Media Failed Us."

Wolfowitz: White House Ponders Possible Replacements

President Bush as repeatedly affirmed his support for Paul Wolfowitz, the embattled World Bank President, but behind the scenes, White House staff is drawing up a list of possible replacements. Wolfowitz cancelled formal appearences on Thursday to meet behind closed-doors with the World Bank's 24-nation board, which is investigating whether he [...]

Corporate Branding is Everything in the News Biz

The soul searching was apparently wrenching and airing the video sparked an agonizing debate at the highest executive levels of NBC. "It's not every day we get a story like this. We went over it for seven and a half hours. We didn't rush it on the air. We weren't promoting it. We weren't trumpeting it all day. It was extraordinary, and that's how [...]

Wolfowitz: Girlfriend a ‘Must Hire’ for Iraq Contractor

Wolfowitz: Girlfriend a ‘Must Hire’ for Iraq Contractor

It was very much business for a Defense Department contractor, SAIC: But behind the scenes, it looks like a lover or friend in high places may have been pulling the strings for the girlfriend of Paul Wolfowitz, Shaha Riza. How did Riza land a moonlight gig with the Iraq contractor in 2003? At the request of the Defense Department, according [...]

Wolfowitz: Girlfriend’s Shadowy Iraq Work

Shaha Riza and long-time companion (read: heart throb) of World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, apparently performed moonlighting services for a Pentagon contractor during the run up to the Iraq invasion while also working for the World Bank. The Government AccountabilityProject (GAP) Notes: Riza worked as a "subject matter expert" on the Middle [...]

Private Security Contractors: ‘Who Did the Shooting?’

Steve Fainaru of The Washington Post raises some repeatedly unanswered questions about the July shooting of an Iraqi taxi driver by a Triple Canopy detail in Baghdad. Two employees are now suing the company in U.S. court. They claim the company fired them for reporting the incident as a crime. THIS raises a whole festering can of worms: U.S. [...]

Wolfowitz Under Fire: Iraq in the Shadows

With the 10,000 member World Bank Staff Association is asking Bank President Paul Wolfowitz to step down amid charges of improperly giving pay raises to his girlfriend, a Bank employee, Wolfwitz's role in planning and managing the invasion of Iraq at the Pentagon may come back to haunt him. Wolfowitz once assured the U.S. Congress that Iraqi oil [...]

Imelda: Giggles for Castro, Sighs for Saddam and Noriega

In the course of two days and some eight hours of conversation: Imelda Marcos talks about her husband, former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and his 7,500 tons of gold; her grandson's jewelry line; exile in Hawaii; New York notoriety, the concept of "Imeldific" -- and encounters with world leaders. Yvette Ferreol of Bloomberg visited with [...]

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