by David Phinney
Friday March 24th 2023



Philippines Warns Companies to Stop Recruiting Workers for Iraq

The US economy thrives on illegal immigration here in the United States so apparently the US State Department doesn’t care. It uses Philippine workers and other laborers from countries that have bans on their citizens working in iraq to build its new embassy: Asian Workers Trafficked to Build World’s Largest Embassy.
Well, rest assured: It’s “under investigation.” Once the war in Iraq is over, things will get back to normal.
More on the Philippine ban.
Here’s more: “Illegal gateway to Iraq”

The Philippines in 2004 banned the deployment of Filipino workers to Iraq following a flare-up of violence there, but sources in Manila told the GDN that thousands still manage to defy the ban and enter the country in search of jobs – many of which are reportedly high-paying due to the danger involved.


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