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Sunday June 16th 2024



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A Meeting of Minds: Fighting them (and us) ‘Over There’

A Meeting of Minds: Fighting them (and us) ‘Over There’

President Bush's repeatedly argues that it's better to fight terrorists in Iraq than wait for them to attack the United States again. He also claims that al-Qaeda wants to "drive us out" of Iraq. However, U.S. intelligence intercepted an internal al-Qaeda communique that al-Qaeda has us just where it wants us -- stuck in Iraq. The letter written [...]

Training Peacekeepers Around the World

Northrop Grumman landed a five-year, $200 million contract for the Global Peace Operations Initaitive as part of the US State Department initiative to build peacekeeping operations worldwide -- with a present emphasis on Africa. L3 Communications MPRI won a similarly valued contract. Both companies will be working on GPOI initiative. The program [...]

Lt. Col. William Steele, Commandant at Camp Cropper Prison Arrested in Iraq

Lt. Col. William Steele, Commandant at Camp Cropper Prison Arrested in Iraq

by David Phinney April 25, 2007 -- A former top prison commander at a prison known for "high-value" detainees, Camp Cropper, Iraq, has been quietly under arrest for weeks and detained in Kuwait under charges that he was aiding the enemy, according to numerous independent sources. U.S. officials arrested Army Lt. Col. William H. Steele, 51, [...]

Check It Out: Jihadist Violence and Crying Wolf

Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank find that jihadist violence has increased by 607 percent around the world and the number of people killed in those attacks has grown by 237 percent since the 2003 Iraq invasion. Their story appears in Mother Jones. MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH: Federal prosecutors and the FBI mistakenly pumped up the number of [...]

Survive Your Own Beheading

If you survive, was it a beheading? It's touted as "The Only Course of its kind offered in the world." AND BROUGHT TO YOU BY: The CRI Counterterrorism Training School of Las Vegas, Nev. (The link gets gritty.) WE ARE TOLD: "Soldiers, Police Officers, Security Personnel, Overseas Contractors, Executives, PSD Operators, Diplomatic Service [...]

ABC, bin Laden, Clinton and Monica

by David Phinney Sept. 7, 2006 -- It figures that ABC would be bending current events for reasons beyond my understanding. Ratings? Politics? Ass kissing to the current administration? Who knows? Perhaps, it's just typical corporate incompetence. On January 21, 1998, ABC's Jackie Judd was the first network reporter to broadcast the [...]

Deterrence Budget Explodes
U.S. Government Now Spends $6.6 Billion on More Than 40 Programs

Deterrence Budget Explodes<br>U.S. Government Now Spends $6.6 Billion on More Than 40 Programs

By David Phinney (1998) Call it Anytown, U.S.A.—complete with a subway, downtown office buildings, homes for 20,000 residents, an electric company and sewage plants. Nobody will live there. Nobody would want to. The proposed $200 million city will provide a training ground for professionals to learn how to handle [...]

New Tools of Fear and Death

New Tools of Fear and Death

By David Phinney (1998) Fifteen thousand raucous hockey fans fill a downtown stadium on a Friday night to see the Washington Capitals take on the Philadelphia Flyers. But shortly after the 7 p.m. face-off, terrorists trigger an explosive charge that showers poisonous chemicals over the crowd. Washington, D.C.’s proud new stadium [...]