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Matt Drudge Rocks

There have been reasons for blasting Matt Drudge, but one has to hand it to him. More than a decade ago, his Drudge Report brilliantly pointed the way to the vitality of the Internet as a news medium. And personally, he stood tall against his critics -- largely in the mainstream news media who found his early years a threat to their pipeline of [...]

Willing to Please

There once was a line of thinking that the sign of a good manager is when one knows his or her weaknesses and compensates those weaknesses with the strengths of a well-rounded staff. Good presidents also go out of their way to find the strongest thinkers of opposing views to help probe policies for their weaknesses and figure out where solutions [...]

Iraq Vet Says Bank Heist Might Be ‘Political’

AN ARMY VET HAS BEEN TELLING THE NEWS MEDIA that he witnessed US military personnel commit war atrocities in Afghanistan and Iraq, including the rape of an Iraqi woman, the execution of 12 to 17 prisoners in Afghanistan and robberies. He claims that after reporting the crimes to his superior officers he was told "to forget about it." Former Army [...]

Al Gore Taps the Internet for Crusade Against Global Warming

by David Phinney Feb. 28, 2007 -- From the man accused of taking credit for inventing the internet, a new political crusade is heating up to fight global warming. Fresh off his Oscar winning power-point presentation, An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore launched a chain email lobbying effort this week to pressure Washington into heeding his [...]

Worth A Read: Bloggers Throw Democrat Tauscher on the Hot Seat

Worth A Read: Bloggers Throw Democrat Tauscher on the Hot Seat

by David Phinney Feb. 21, 2007 -- Gone are the photos of Ellen Tauscher and President Bush on her congressional Web site -- including the one her critics have labeled "The Caress," a photo where the president appeared to have his hand on her thigh. It doesn't matter. Liberal bloggers still are busy trashing the California congressional [...]

So, Are you Saying Nancy Will Be Flying Commercial?

Emails from damage-controlling Democratic fact-checkers generously point out that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi DID NOT request personal military flights to jet her and other California lawmakers between DC and the Golden State on a regular basis. Apparently, it was the House Sergeant at Arms who offered to make the inquiry. His name, I kid you not, [...]

A Convenient Night for Gore

Gore entertaining another run for the White House? (more…)

Flying First Class Pelosi (and her entourage)

Feb.3, 2007 -- WHAT'S THIS?: Speaker Pelosi wants to fly military planes to her congressional district in San Francisco on a regular basis "not only for herself and her staff, but also for relatives and for other members of the California delegation. A knowledgeable source called the request 'carte blanche for an aircraft any time.'" So [...]

Tim Hates Chris and Other Nasty Business

Kiss, kiss in the Beltway. Tales of media favors, backstabbing and manipulation. This morning's Los Angeles Times reports on the Libby trial: As they talked by phone, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby scribbled down a series of Machiavellian suggestions from Cheney's then-communications guru, Mary Matalin: What to do about MSNBC talk show host Chris [...]

It Sounded Good at the Time

<b>It Sounded Good at the Time</b>

This 1970 photo is of a young New York college student named Norm Coleman who is today a conservative, redmeat Republican senator from Minnesota. Alternet's Evan Derkacz describes the once-long-haired stud as a Jewish kid from New York who became "Minnesota's anti-gay, anti-woman, pro-war Senator." Why dredge up this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [...]

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