by David Phinney
Sunday June 16th 2024




FYI: I began this site a long, long time ago. Sporadic blog items get added from time to time, but it largely contains archives of blog posts and articles regarding the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. Much of the material has percolated into the work of other major media corporations and authors — frequently without the courtesy of extending credit. Some of these stories have triggered major investigations by the U.S. Justice Department, Congress and Inspectors General. My thanks goes out to those who did find it appropriate to cite my name when following my lead.

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Pro Forma Bio:

An award-winning journalist and producer, David Phinney’s work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Miami Herald, the Hearst-owned San Francisco Examiner, Wired, His broadcast credits include PBS, BBC, ABC and other networks.

Based in Washington , DC , Phinney’s pursued a series of award-winning, high-impact articles on contractors and private military companies working in Iraq, which much of these archives chronicle. His stories have been re-reported by other major news organizations around the world and have triggered ongoing investigations by Congress, the US Justice Department and the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

In addition to documentary work and on-air reporting, Phinney frequently has been a guest and analyst for BBC, cable news programs and radio. His career includes extensive political coverage, national affairs, terrorism and national security. He has consulted produced and consulted on stories for ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and other major news outlets. His articles have been translated into a dozen different languages.

Recently asked to reflect on his career, Phinney responded:

“I’ve been hounded by wire taps and my computers have been hacked countless times. Been tracked down by private investigators working for Lebanese crooks in dark bars where they ply me with questions and mumble threats. Slave dealers in the Philippines chased me through jungles; Kuwaiti sheiks put a price on my head. I’ve worked in war zones without a gun for months; found snakes in my hotel rooms; put politicians in jail; busted slave traffickers; publicly exposed swindlers who were then dragged before Congress. I’ve paid a price, but I’m still standing. What are my politics? The Tooth Fairy.”

As a one-time publishing executive and editor, Phinney co-founded Bay City Publications in the San Francisco Bay Area, publisher of the Bay City Business Journal and the Emeryville Guardian. The two publications became widely recognized for investigative work that exposed political corruption and real estate scandals in California . That award-winning reporting was the basis for the documentary “Million-Dollar Mudflats” and was frequently reiterated (without credit) by reporters at much larger news organizations throughout the Golden State , The New York Times and NBC News.