by David Phinney
Monday September 23rd 2019



Smokin’ Saddam: Cuban Cigars?

The latest from Camp Victory Hearing: At Tuesday’s hearing to decide if the former military commander at Camp Cropper prison in Iraq must stand trial on charges that he aided the enemy, it was said that Steele bought Cuban cigars for one-time prisoner Saddam Hussein.
Misappropriation of Funds? Two witnesses said Army Lt. Col. William H. Steele violated military rules by approving the use of U.S. funds to buy Cuban cigars for Saddam.

U.S. Special Agent Steven Mickelberg said he asked Steele about the use of expenses to buy the cigars. “He said that they were for a high-value detainee, one which he indicated was Saddam Hussein, and that his purchase was authorized and that anything he wanted he got.”

Who are these Special Agents? Special Agents Steven Mickelberg, John C. Nocella and Thomas Barnes all testifed against Steele….. What agency are they from? Do they have an hidden axe to grind on Steele? Hmmmmmm……..
The Associated Press has the story.


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