by David Phinney
Friday April 19th 2024



Giant Sucking Sound at the Border?

DynCorp is Hiring Again: 120 openings. Compensation includes more than $134,000 in salary, much of it tax-free, plus a $25,000 bonus for signing up in time for a May 5 training session.
Working Conditions: Challenging. The border is in Iraq.

There has already been ongoing concern that private security companies lured away some of the best and brightest U.S. Special Forces soldiers with big salaries — after taxpayer investment in training. Now, there’s concern that U.S. border agents with Customs and Border Protection may be lured away as well to train Iraqis in border enforcement. DynCorp says there’s no reason to be alarmed, although starting salaries for U.S. government Border Patrol agents start at about $35,000. Doris Meissner, who served as immigration commissioner under President Clinton, believes the DynCorp jobs at Iraq’s borders could be done for less by people already in government service:

“If the people with the expertise are already in the government, why in the world aren’t these missions considered government functions, and just have the government do it?” Meissner asked.
“I would have loved to have recruited border agents (for $134,000).”

The Houston Chronicle has the story.


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  1. Jean F says:

    Dear David,
    Your article was very helpful and we thank you for it.
    My husband and I have a friend that went to Iraq as a military contractor. We have not heard from him and we lost contact.
    We are worry and were wondering of you could help us finding our friend. He used to be in the USMC, then he became a civilian contractor. You can email me privately and I will provide you with his name. He is from Oregon.
    We really appreciate all help you can provide.
    Jean F

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