by David Phinney
Monday September 28th 2020



Abu Ghraib: Faulty Response and Investigations Found

Abu Ghraib Revisited: “Allegations of detainee abuse were not consistently reported, investigated, or managed in an effective, systematic, and timely manner.”
That’s the finding of a new classified report released in redacted form last week by the Department of Defense Inspector General.
Crediting the News Media: Although the report fails to credit New Yorker writer Seymour Hersh and CBS news for first bringing attention to the detainee abuse and torture, it does ackowledge the news media. “Reports of detainee abuse by special mission unit task force personnel dated back to June 2003, but we believe it took the publicized abuse at Abu Ghraib [in spring 2004]… to elevate the issue to the Flag Officer level.”
Contractor Involvement: “Not withstanding the highly publicized involvement of some contractors in abuse at Abu Ghraib, we found very few instances of abuse involving contractors.”
Secrecy News highlights the report. and links to the pdf file.


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