by David Phinney
Friday July 12th 2024



A Review of an Alleged Million-Dollar Bribe

Update on Jeff Mazon, a KBR contract officer being accused of taking bribes from businesses seeking work to support the US military in Iraq: Country Club Hills man accused in Iraq war kickback scheme.

Mazon faces four counts of major fraud and eight counts of wire fraud. Under way in federal court in Rock Island, Mazon’s trial has shed light on other allegations of wartime contracting abuse, implicating another contracting firm. Neither he nor his lawyer returned a call for comment. — Daily Southtown

Sources tell me the man who allegedly bribed Mazon, Ali Hijazi, is still free in Kuwait doing business, despite extradition requests by the US Justice Department. (…. Perhaps Hijazi knows too much and no one wants him blathering in US courts?) Hijazi’s company, La Nouvelle, has been the subject of inflated contracts during congressional hearings when Republicans were in control of Congress and they disclaimed allegations of La Nouvelle’s padded contracts as wartime exigencies.
Interestingly enough, Mazon’s story is related to allegations that the US embassy contractor in Baghdad had also been engaged in bribing KBR contract officers.


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  1. Anon says:

    The Jeff Mazon case was only the tip of the iceberg,as, La Novelle was only a front for Ali Hijazi’s shady deals.
    Ali Hijazi is a Shite Muslim of Lebaneese parentage born and raised in Kuwait with a degree in polictical science. He still holds the Lebaneese Nationality and continues to run a multiple chain food business in Kuwait with his Kuwaiti partner Ahmed Al Hamoud and Hamouds American wife Wendy Stafford.
    Thier collective investments include
    La Baguette, Purchased from Saleh Al Roumi Co.
    Domino’s Pizza Franchise for Kuwait
    Star Juice
    La Nouvelle (shopfitting)
    La Nouvelle oil & Gas.
    La Baguette still supplies the American Military with Bakery Product, and, I wonder if Domino’s Pizza realize that their interest’s in Kuwait & franchise are financed by some of the alleged ill gotten gains of Ali Hijazi & La Nouvelle.
    It’s high time Mr. Hijazi faced the music!!
    La Baguette ++965 5333311 !

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