by David Phinney
Sunday June 16th 2024



It Ain’t Like the Clinton Years: Fawning over Chris Matthews

Friday’s DC edition of the Examiner opens with what sounds like an explosive lead:

Chris Matthews had barely finished praising his colleagues at the 10th anniversary party for his “Hardball” show Thursday night in Washington, D.C. when his remarks turned political and pointed, even suggesting that the Bush administration had “finally been caught in their criminality.”

The Clinton camp, he said, never put pressure on his bosses to silence him.

“Not so this crowd” he added, explaining that Bush White House officials — especially those from Vice President Cheney’s office — called MSNBC brass to complain about the content of his show and attempted to influence its editorial content. “They will not silence me!” Matthews declared.

These are the words of the guy who made his TV career in 1997 on redfaced blabber fests over Bill Clinton’s affair with White House intern Monica Lewisky — an event that inspired the Republican-controlled Congress to impeach the president .
“Chris Matthews” and “Monica Lewinsky”: 63,900.
“Chris Matthews” and “Yellowcake”: 16,100.
Hmmmm…. Is that White House pressure is working?
Of course not. Sex sells — especially when you can ride the ratings all the way to impeachment.
ADDED NOTE: A Google foray just popped this up from the leftist Think Progress: Matthews Obsessed With Clinton Sex Speculation.
Of course, I am being flip, but it is telling that the most covered story of the Clinton administration was a blowjob. It was all the news media could do in what was likely the most affluent period in human history.


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  1. E. Koerner says:

    interesting piece, but most affluent period in human history? by what standards? globally?
    by the way, Bernstein’s “A Woman in Charge” has an interesting take on that period

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