by David Phinney
Wednesday October 21st 2020



Civilian Footprint

KBR Press release:

The work that KBR is doing in the Middle East could not be accomplished without a dedicated workforce, and the company is proud of its 50,000 employees and subcontractors who daily face danger to support the troops serving there. Sadly, 95 KBR employees and subcontractors have lost their lives and more than 420 personnel have been injured while performing services under KBR’s U.S. government contracts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.

Add in the division of private security contractors, estimated at 25,000 and the US now has at least 75,000 civilians doing work that was performed by the military 10 years ago.The Pentagon estimates the total to be 100,000. If these civilians were wearing uniforms today, the military presence in the threater of war would be well over 200,000. Add in the contractor deaths in Iraq and casualties would be more than 3,600 — not 3,000 as the Pentagon prefers to count.


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