by David Phinney
Friday July 12th 2024



Training Peacekeepers Around the World

Northrop Grumman landed a five-year, $200 million contract for the Global Peace Operations Initaitive as part of the US State Department initiative to build peacekeeping operations worldwide — with a present emphasis on Africa. L3 Communications MPRI won a similarly valued contract. Both companies will be working on GPOI initiative.
The program has three major components:

Train and equip, deployment support, and gendarme-like capabilities. In terms of manpower, the initiative aims at deploying 75,000 peace support operations (PSO) troops worldwide over the next 5 years, primarily to Africa, but also to Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Northrop Grumman already provides similar training under the ACOTA program, aka, African Contingency Operations Training Assistance — since the 1990s.
Thanks to Civil-Military Relations for the find.


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