by David Phinney
Friday July 12th 2024



Survive Your Own Beheading

If you survive, was it a beheading?
It’s touted as “The Only Course of its kind offered in the world.”
AND BROUGHT TO YOU BY: The CRI Counterterrorism Training School of Las Vegas, Nev. (The link gets gritty.)
WE ARE TOLD: “Soldiers, Police Officers, Security Personnel, Overseas Contractors, Executives, PSD Operators, Diplomatic Service Personnel and Civilians can greatly benefit from this course.”
The benefit, of course, being that you learn to keep your head about you when the stakes get really high. Even in Vegas where what happens in Vegas…. stays in Vegas?
Compliments to Kathryn Cramer for the find who wonders: “Did they get a celebrity endorsement from Ted Williams or Ichabod Crane?”
Ted Williams? That’s another story.


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