by David Phinney
Monday December 6th 2021



Moving to the Left: Veterans…. and Contractors

Three years ago, in 2004, 60 percent of military voters polled by the Military Times identified themselves as Republican. Today, that number is down to 46 percent.
Washington Montly
What, then, can Democrats do to win over voters in the armed forces? This is the question the Washington Monthly posed to a group of military veterans of various ranks and political persuasions, each of whom wrote a short essay in response. Complementing this collection is
“The Bitter End,” a reported piece by Washington Monthly national security correspondent Spencer Ackerman, who argues, based on what he has seen in Iraq and at home, that Democrats are right on the merits of withdrawal from Iraq but misguided on what message that will send to our troops there. What results, we hope, is a window onto something that’s a mystery to many readers: how members of the military think about politics in 2007.


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