by David Phinney
Sunday February 23rd 2020



Fan Mail (I Would Prefer Money)

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From: David Phinney
To: Kennedy, Michael
Sent: 7/13/2006 8:13 AM
Subject: RE: american embassy, baghdad
Security reasons. Wadih is very concerned about his work force. I might
be willing to help you if you give me full credit, but I pitched Deborah
Howell and never heard back from her.
Unfortunately, news reporters contact me all the time, never mention my
name and certainly never return the favor. So I need ground rules.
All the best,
“Kennedy, Michael” wrote:
well, i’m somewhat bewildered by the fact that this construction is
under such tight wraps and that nothing more has been written about it
and just wanted to talk to you a bit about that, your time permitting of
course. mike
—–Original Message—–
From: David Phinney
To: Kennedy, Michael
Sent: 7/13/2006 7:35 AM
Subject: Re: american embassy, baghdad
Thanks Mike.
What can I do for you?
David Phinney
“Kennedy, Michael” wrote:
hi. i’m a reporter for the la times on temporary duty in baghdad. in
researching a story about the building of the embassy under construction
here, your name is the most prominent by far in google. i was just
wondering if you might have some time to chat about some of your work,
which is extremely good. if you have some time, please e-mail me and i
will give you a call at your convenience. thanks in advance, mike


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