by David Phinney
Monday September 23rd 2019



Cheney Shooting Incident: Was He Drunk?

From my source in Texas: “A lot of people down here (and remember this is where everybody hunts and has special property specifically for hunting ) think that he was probably drinking and they delayed telling anyone until he could get it out of system in case he was tested.”
AND NOW, a little more third-hand rumination from The Nation:

Katherine Armstrong, the wealthy Republican lobbyist who is a member member of the politically-connected family that owns the ranch where Cheney blasted his hunting partner, acknowledged to a reporter for MSNBC that alcohol may have been served at a picnic which was served Saturday afternoon on the dude ranch where Cheney shot Harry Whittington.
According to an MSNBC report that appeared briefly Tuesday on the network’s website, Armstrong peddled the line that she did not believe that alcohol played a part in the shooting accident. But, she admitted, “There may be a beer or two in there, but remember not everyone in the party was shooting.”

Then there’s the interesting connection to the Valerie Plame shenanigans:

Up to now, the whole “hunting-accident” controversy has been little more than a diversion from more serious matters involving Cheney — not least among these, the investigation into whether the vice president authorized the release of classified information as part of a scheme to discredit critics of the administration’s rush to war. But if Cheney used his Secret Service unit to prevent a necessary and proper official inquiry at a time when it might have uncovered relevant information regarding his condition when he shot a man, then the vice president has abused his office in a most serious manner.


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