by David Phinney
Sunday June 16th 2024



Web Surf: Unarmed Civilan Vets,
Protecting the Unarmed ,
and the Billion Dollar Club

“Home of the KBR Vets”: A new forum for KBR people who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. This Web site just may indicate an element to the brewing debate over President Bush’s call for establishing a Civilian Reserve Corps. (What’s interesting to me is that many “unarmed” contractors go outside the wire on a daily basis — notably the truckers who perform logistics services. That service was once performed by trained uniformed personnel who knew how to use a firearm when needed. Now,with a 100,000 contractors on the battlefield, the military must divide its focus between incoming fire, protecting unarmed civilians and, of course, protecting themselves.)
GIMME SHELTER: “Now more than ever before in history, the support of U.S. military forces is inherently tied to the success of contractors on the battlefield.” Perhaps…. But the debate is still on about whether contractors do it better or less expensively than the military. Protecting Civilian Logisticians on the Battlefield by Major Richard J. Hornstein

Interesting for the info digger focused on contractors. The Baghdad Business Center.
THE BILLION DOLLAR CLUB: The Pentagon announces the 100 Largest Defense Contractors for 2006. KBR hangs on to its recent ascendency to #6.


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