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Monday June 5th 2023



KBR Hands Out Medals to Contract Workers with “Quit Claim” to Liabilities

Will workers first be asked to sign a release form stating that the company will not be held responsible for any future claims, i.e., medical problems, physical injury or otherwise? KBR has done that before

by David Phinney

Jan. 26, 2007 — Perhaps medals in defense of freedom aren’t free, at least when it comes to KBR.

At a Houston awards ceremony next month, KBR will be handing out Pentagon medals to its workers from Iraq who were injured in Iraq and elsewhere. All were supporting the military through the company’s $16-billion-and-counting logistics contract.

The company has previously attempted to get its workers to sign release waivers on future medical claims against KBR before the medal is given — despite the fact that this government-awarded honor has little to do with the corporate contractor. One supposes the Pentagon is ignorant of those KBR workers who have been injured while working in harm’s way unless the company refers the person.

The invitation goes like this:

Kellogg Brown and Root requests the pleasure of your company at an awards ceremony in honor of KBR employees to receive the Secretary of Defense Medal for the Defense of Freedom on Friday, the ninth of February at nine o’clock.
Ballroom C, Hilton Post Oak
Houston Texas
Civilian- Sunday Attire Military Class A Uniform
(713) 753-3091

The medal was originally created just weeks after the Sept., 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon to honor civilian Defense Department employees injured or killed in the line of duty.

KBR has an estimated 50,000 employees and subcontractors working in the Middle East under US military contracts. Ninety-five employees and subcontractors have lost their lives, according to KBR and more than 420 personnel have been injured in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.

But KBR has not been entirely straightforward about this Pentagon medal in the past, and this Houston gathering raises some interesting questions:

#1) Will workers first be asked to sign a release form stating that the company will not be held responsible for any future claims, i.e., medical problems, physical injury or otherwise? KBR has done that before, saying that the company would help workers from combat zones get their Pentagon-sponsored medal if they signed a “medical records” release form. The Senate Democratic Policy Committee discovered the release waiver last September. (Excerpt below*.)

#2) Is this ceremony only for the employees working directly for KBR or the thousands of Americans working for KBR’s offshore tax shelter subsidiary headquartered in the Cayman Islands, aka, Service Employees International, Inc.? Seventy percent of all Americans working for KBR in Iraq and Afghanistan are actually SEII employees. KBR won’t say why it needs the Cayman Island operation but the subsidiary can operate outside of U.S. labor laws.

#3) If SEII employees are eligible, then will the tens of thousands of low-paid laborers working on behalf of KBR/Halliburton’s multi-billion logistics contract in Iraq also be honored? These workers are sometimes paid just hundreds of dollars a month, assigned substandard housing and frequently had their passports taken away in case they decided they wanted to leave. Some people call that modern day slavery. Body armor for them is non-existent, the food is atrocious and many of them have been killed or wounded while building military camps for KBR.

*Excerpt from the KBR release waiver:

Paragraph 9. Release: I agree that in consideration for the application for a Defense of Freedom Medal on my behalf that on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns and successors, I hereby release, acquit and discharge and do hereby release, acquit and discharge KBR, all KBR employees, the Military and any of their representatives (in both their official and individual capacities), collectively and individually, with respect to and from any and all claims and any and all causes of action, of any kind of character, whether now known or unknown, I may have against any of them which exist as of the date of this authorization and all claims or causes of action arising from or related to this authorization or the use or disclosure of the information or Protected Information described in section 1 above by any of the aforementioned parties. This release also applies to any claims brought by any person or agency or class action under which I may have a right or benefit.


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  1. Xun says:

    Additionally, 27,753 American soldiers have been wounedd, 4 sodliers have been missing or captured, 298 non-US coalition troops have died, 122 sodliers have died of self-inflicted wounds (suicide), and esitmates for Iraqi civilian and security forces deaths vary widely, from 10s of thousands to almost a million. How many US and allies soldiers and civlians have died in this war? Too many. You got it right the 1st time, Dick. But hey, second time’s the charm, right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.

  3. Laraine Clarence says:

    I undoubtedly didn’t know that. Learnt a thing new today! Thanks for that.

  4. Elene says:

    Hello my name is Elene, my friend(he name is Robert Hanson) is in KBR Afghanistan I haven’t heard from him for about 4 months how can I find out if he is all right? All I want to know if he is in good condition, Can somebody let me know please I am devastated kindly send email

  5. sudhindra says:

    Dear Sir,I Have Fineshed Two Year Contract As A Electrician With KBR Sub Contracter In Iraq Anaconda Camp.Just After That I Got selected From LOGCAP III…KBR NEW HIRE PACKET AND INVITATION LATER I Got It from Houston. USA Ambassy In India There Was Visa Interviwe Dates Are Not Avilable in Our Schadul So I Missed It.
    Advancement in a career as a Journeyman Electrician with Kellogg Brown and Root. To ultimately become an American citizen. Also to fully explore all aspects of my chosen profession.
    Ten years, five months experience in troubleshooting, new installation and repair of electrical equipment with a major emphasis on safety and efficiency.
    Prime Project International
    Balad Iraq
    Electrician June 2004 – Present
    on night shift electrician for O&M (Operations and Maintenance) Electrical at camp Anaconda, Balad, Iraq. Performing electrical repair & maintenance for KBR customer’s IE: the Army, Air Force to include various DOD (Department of Defense) Contractors stationed here at Anaconda. I am fully qualified for any electrical emergency involving equipment under 600 voltsM/S OM Enterpriser Nov 2002 – May 2004
    Worked as an Electrical Technician. Conducted preventive maintenance as per the contractual agreement. India
    Sea Blue Group of Hotels
    Maintenance Electrician July 1999 – October 2002
    Performed aspects of electrical maintenance & repair for a major Hotel chain based in India
    Petron Engineering Construction Ltd.
    Industrial Electrician November 1998 – April 1999
    All aspects of electrical installation to include new construction in a petroleum refinery. Installed conduit, switch gear, MDP (Main Distribution Panels), transformers motor controls, etc. India
    Larsen & Toubro Limited
    Electrician September 1996 – October 1998
    Glanding & termination of low and high voltage power control cables to 1000 volts AC. For the NPC (Nuclear Power Plant) Kaiga Project.
    Old Degree College September 1994 – May 1996
    Nuclear Power Corporation Indian Government certified cabling technician.
    Dean’s List for Scholastic Achievement.
    Certificate of Appreciation
    For the hard work and excellence above and beyond the call of duty as a Civilian Contractor.
    Brigadier General Rebecca S. Halstead 3rd COSCOM Commanding General U.S. Army.
    For the hard work and excellence above and beyond the call of duty as a Civilian Contractor.
    Command Sergeant Major David Wood 3rd COSCOM Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army.For the exceptional service while assisting the Task Force Electrician, Life Support Area during combat operations.
    Lieutenant Colonel Adam R. Hindsdale 15th Military Intelligence Battalion U. S. Army

  6. melanie jewell says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    i am dying to get a job from kbrjobs .com
    but it looks like they don’t need people but they keeps posting a jobs that they are hiring?
    how would i get a job like afghanistan or iraq as a civilian employee? hope you can help.

  7. JNET says:


  8. sebastin says:

    This is Sebastin from kuwait.i applyed so many post of Safety associate.still i am working Combact Support Assoicate support with U.S Army camp Arifjan Kuwiat.I have 4 years experience wiht safety.i am givng training to all Eastern employes. So Kindly consider my Resume.
    Hope to hear forward from You

  9. JNET says:

    my husband is working in KBR Dubai. i just want to know if it is true that your sending your employee in Dubai going to Afganistan.

  10. Russel says:

    Aug 21,2007
    Dear Sir, I Mr. Russel,I am currently working in Iraq as General Laborer for 3 years and 5 months and at present,I am employed with an agency. I really want to work directly with you company KBR, I think I have meet my qualifications based on my experience.I already applied for some position buy no body contact me for an interview. Will you please help me. Ihope you will considered my application
    Thank you very much and God Bless You.
    Respectfully yours,

  11. Kosovo man says:

    Dear Ms. C
    I am soon (in few weeks time) going to Iraq. If you give me his name or any contact I will look for him there and come back to you throught his page!

  12. Ms C says:

    Are you ppl crazy? This is an article not a damn opportunity for a job. It’s no wonder you can’t get hired.
    As for the article thank you for writing it; I wasn’t aware of the medal. My husband works for kbr and I will warn him about this. More information needs to be forth coming from service international and kbr about American working in this war zone. I get a Christmas card from kbr each year, then I throw it away. KBR has never done anything but provide a paycheck for my family. God help us if anything ever happened to my husband.

  13. mahmoud says:

    i am a sierra leonean african i have work in iraq in c2camp ramagen in the usa militry dfac as a cook please help me i need kbr jobs any country in the world please my email my phone number is 00232 77545356

  14. azem says:

    hi my name is azem hyseni im from kosovo Im student in forth level academy police in macedonia

  15. dear sir
    i am gautam kumar dey from india.sir i am a chief cook of al hilla dfac in iraq in kbr subcontractor by tamimi.i have 12 years experience in food service in usa militery dfac in kuwait and sir i need to get job in kbr food service or any official job.i know computer driving any kinds of co job by instructed by will u pls help me to get any kinds of kbr jobin any country in the world.
    i hope that u will considered by application and give me one chance to your concern.
    thank you yours faithfully
    gautam kumar dey.
    al hilla dfac.[REO] iraq.
    e mail—

  16. dina says:

    My boyfriend is in KBR Dubai I havent heard from him for 4 days how can I find out if he is allright? Can somebody let me know please I am devastated.

  17. Binu Bharath says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m a post graduate in commerece, from India,now resides in Midle East[Dubai]
    I’d applied for many positions with KBR Dubai for more than 2 years.
    But nobody never contacted me for an interview.
    Will you please help me to get a job in KBR Dubai

  18. Binu Bharath says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m a post graduate in commerece, from India,now resides in Midle East[Dubai]
    I’d applied for many positions with KBR Dubai for more than 2 years.
    But nobody never contacted me for an interview.
    Will you please help me to get a job in KBR Dubai

  19. R Johnson says:

    You are right on David. I saw a video on YouTube featuring a U.S. Congressman who discovered this KBR waiver scam. I subsequently warned a former convoy commander of mine from Iraq 2003/04, who is returning to Iraq this month and who was awarded the DOF medal, about this scam. I told him NOT to sign the waiver which KBR is requiring as a contingency to recieve this medal. He survived seven IED attacks in Iraq. If he signs this release/waiver and returns to Iraq and get’s injured, he will be SOL for obtaining any medical treatment and/or benefits under the Defense Base Act.

  20. WALLACE MCNABB says:

    i dont care if you post it or not… you are still full of shit

  21. WALLACE MCNABB says:

    you are full of shit

  22. GABRIEL D'COSTA says:

    too good a job , well maintained so far.go ahead doing a good job

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