by David Phinney
Monday September 23rd 2019



Thanks, I Will Certainly Keep Private Security in Mind…..

Dear Mr. David Phinney:
Our security Company Land Of Fire is interested in working for you, we have the legal permit to work like a security a company in this country (Chile) under our laws and rules, and our guards they have all the permits and licenses to operate in Iraq, they have these badges ( ID ): WEAPON PERMIT CARD, MULTINATIONAL TASK FORCE CARD and DOD CONTRATOR CARD. all of those ID’s are under U.S Deparment of Defense and Ministery of Justice Iraqui, our guards are ready to go to Iraq at any time.They have a valid passport. for any details you can contact the President of this Security Company in Chile (Land Of Fire) his name is ADOLFO GUZMAN his e-mail address is or you can visit our website


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  1. Sebastian Rivas says:

    Dear David:
    I’m a journalist from Chile who is working now in a note about Chilean private security companies which gave services in Irak. I read your blog and I realized that one of this companies wrote you. Can you tell me how that happened and what is your impression about this companies?
    My mail is I really appreciate if you can answer me as soon as you can, because my deadline is Thursday.
    Thatk you for your time!

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