by David Phinney
Friday July 12th 2024



Rumors of First Kuwaiti Airplanes for People Moving

From spring 2006: The general manager for the US Embassy contractor, First Kuwaiti General Trading and Contracting has two airplanes the company can’t register and is piloted by a German pilot named Wolfgang …. The general manager also has another plane piloted by Brits flying in and out of Kuwait and a fourth that may be registered.

Another source related around the same time:
“Some people have rumoured that First Kuwait use Chapman Freeborn flights every Thursday on their 737 and also Phoenix on their 737 with other people carried by Air Cargo Integrators ACI out of Kuwait. We, of course, could not possibly comment on how accurate these rumours are. I am sure you can get to the bottom of things. Hope this helps.”


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  1. Gislaine says:

    This could not possibly have been more helpufl!

  2. Jentz says:

    You guys became Kuwait heeors, every Kuwaiti is proud of what you did.Rankuwait team you all brought the glory for our beloved Kuwait.Thank you all & may God bless you[]

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