by David Phinney
Wednesday July 24th 2024



Embassy Contractor Accused of Bribes

The Kuwaiti company building the U.S. embassy in Baghdad has been accused of agreeing to pay $200,000 in kickbacks in return for two unrelated Army contracts in Iraq. See the AP report.
ALSO: The limited partnered investigation by the embassy contractor and Philippine officials of possible labor trafficking is officially closed. (Sounds like consensual labor smuggling and visa violations by a contractor to the US State Department).
The Manila Times concludes: “Illegal trafficking of Filipinos into warstruck Iraq by a Kuwait-based construction firms has remained unabated. Special Ambassador to the Middle East Roy Cimatu has confirmed that the First Kuwait International, the subject of a previous complaint by a Filipino senator, continued to recruit Filipinos despite a deployment ban in Iraq since 2004.”
Meanwhile, Filipino overseas workers are being deployed in Iraq in violation of the continuing Philippine ban, the country’s special envoy to the Middle East Ambassador Roy Cimatu said.
Keep watching this story. There is more to follow.


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  1. Shiinaas says:

    I am very speechless, and I have ntonihg to say except aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But is it not enough just say aaahhhhhhhhh or my heart is broken? I think we can do a lot more than that if and only if we united and say no organ trafficking. My Lord, it is awful even to mention this horrific word organ trafficking. Eritreans, these of us living in Diaspora, we are dead people if we could not react promptly for this Sinai case. We are watching the horror of our young people but we kept silence. I have no idea we are determine to say we love our people, we lave Eritrea.Shame, Shame, Shame And Shame.

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