by David Phinney
Saturday August 24th 2019



Coalition of the Willing: Going, Going, Gone

Last year was the first year the Coalition of the Willing in Iraq found no non-U.S. new troops to replace the ones that went home. That means that U.S. troops now make up 92 percent of the boots on the ground in Iraq, according to the investigative arm of Congress, the Government Accountability Project.
In the May 9 report, Stabilizing and Rebuilding Iraq: Coalition Support and International Donor Commitments, GAO lists the Coalition partners that have come an gone:
* 2004: Japan and Singapore join in, but the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Hungary, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Philippines, Spain, and Tonga exit.
* 2005: Armenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina join, Singapore exits.
* 2006: Estonia, Macedonia, Mongolia, and Netherlands exit.
The blog, Hope is not a Plan, distills the research for an executive summary with a number of graphs:

In December of 2005, coalition forces numbered 178,100. We recently “surged” up to a whopping 157,600.


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