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rory mayberry


Oliver North
Perhaps that’s because “one of the most highly regarded staffs on Capitol Hill” has a few problems of its own. In July, while “investigating” hiring “abuses” in the construction of the new U.S. embassy in Baghdad this vaunted staff “invited” — to use Mr. Waxman’s word — Mr. Rory Mayberry to testify about how the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad was being built by “kidnapped” Philippine workers.
At the time, Mr. Mayberry was described as a “whistleblower” who had “courageously come forward” to describe how unwilling Filipinos were dragooned into building our diplomatic mission. All the major news networks covered his shocking “revelations.” But this week, the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire revealed that the committee’s star witness “has a string of convictions going back to the mid-1980s, including two for forgery, one for burglary and a fourth for welfare fraud.” So much for good staff work.
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The whistleblower who told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that the U.S. embassy in Baghdad was being built by kidnapped workers — now turns out to have a criminal record.
Rory Mayberry told the panel that he was on a plane to Baghdad in 2006 when 51 Filipinos broke out in panic when they heard they were going to work in Baghdad instead of Dubai. That led to Committee Chairman Henry Waxman accusing the company building the embassy of illegal labor trafficking.
But The Wall Street Journal reports Mayberry has a string of convictions going back to the mid-1980’s — including burglary, forgery and welfare fraud. And it says he was fired by the company building the embassy after only five days — because he could not prove he had proper qualifications.
Waxman says he was unaware of Mayberry’s past — but that his legal troubles were years ago. And Waxman says he has other sources for his allegations against the builders.
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  1. Ali says:

    Iraq has become a haven for teorirrsm. As I said during the primary, we must work with all nations to bring home our troops while, at the same time, preserving the freedom of the Iraqi people. We must find the balance between peace and obliterating teorirrsm from the face of the earth. This will not be a quick and easy process. This requires intelligent leadership.War is not a moral value. War is not a religious value. And every church in America prays for the same things that I just said.Support our troops. Freedom isn’t free. But we have to use our heads and our hearts to work to keep our soldiers out of harm’s way. There is a better way. And if the White House and the United States Congress haven’t figured it out yet, they should be using every waking hour to do so.Suport our troops. Support their families. Support their American Dream while they fight so hard for yours. The cost to some American families has been unbearable. May God bless our fallen soldiers and the families left behind.Jim Parker for the American DreamFormer Democratic Candidate for US CongressWaverly, Ohio (Pike County)Any thoughts from our two current Congressional Candidates on these problems???

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