by David Phinney
Sunday October 17th 2021




New York Times: Contractors who have worked in Iraq are returning home with the same kinds of combat-related mental health problems that afflict American military personnel, according to contractors, industry officials and mental health experts.


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  1. Naresh says:

    Re: Incidentally, the 65th Wisconsin soldier has died in IraqMore MSM-style roenrtipg.Imagine WW2 if this had been the criterion for success in the Battle of the Bulge, or Bataan, or D-Day.The Democrat approach: Give me liberty, but not if it means any deaths, ever ever ever. Because nothing’s worth dying for.Re: Now that’s arrogance.The arrogance is that Democrats can’t admit they haven’t the foggiest idea what to do, and have been told that they cannot in fact cut and run like they wanted to. Now they are stuck having to actually do something, and they still want to blame it all on Bush. I just knew they’d bitch as soon as they got in, and fail, and lose, and blame someone else. What chickenshits.

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