by David Phinney
Thursday September 28th 2023



Baghdad Laborers Train for Jailer Jobs

Three thousand Iraqis are rushing through prison-guard training at the U.S.-funded academy in Jordan so they can guard the detainees being rounded up during the “surge” in Iraq.
Former farmers, shopkeepers and restaurant workers will train for six weeks before being deployed at tent cities for the detainees now being erected in the Baghdad area.
Contractors Doing the Training: The American instructors are employed by two Virginia-based security-training companies, Civilian Police International LLC and MPRI, a unit of New York-based L-3 Communications Holdings Inc.
So reports Bloomberg:

The U.S. has spent more than $400 million to build and maintain the Jordan facility and train Iraqis in the past three years. Still, the center may be shut once the final group of guards graduates in August; Iraq’s Interior Ministry now insists on teaching future recruits back home.

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