by David Phinney
Monday June 5th 2023



Taking a Leak in Washington

Talking about the Scooter Libby trial this week on Fox News, American University communications professor Jane Hall offered:

“This is the dirty little secret, I think, of this story…. You get to a certain level and the White House press secretary is trying to leak to the reporter from the network or from The New York Times. People are using each other to leak, to do all kinds of things.”

I am shocked, shocked I say, to hear that people use each other in Washington, DC, for their own personal gain.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE: Charles Peters, founder and editor of The Washington Monthly celebrated his 80th birthday last month. David Ignatius of The Washington Post aptly applies the label, “one of the true revolutionaries in modern journalism.” Peters is also a pillar of tradition in the best sense judging by this homage to Peters:

Because he was personally so broke during the years he ran his money-losing magazine, he never lost sight of the struggles of most Americans to meet the mortgage, pay the doctors’ bills and afford a decent life…. Journalists should stop being such elitists. Rather than grumbling about how hard it is to make ends meet on $100,000 and envying the people who make $1 million, they should identify with the American middle class and its struggles. Good journalism, in the Peters version, is still about making powerful people uncomfortable.

OUCH: “Personally so broke during the years he ran his money-losing magazine.” Guess he should have learned to kiss more ass of the corporate branders.


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  1. MnMnM says:

    Recent clues point to Abbott and Costello as original architects of Plame Leak.
    Grand Jury testimony of Scooter Libby, former Chief of Staff of the United States (COSTUS) for the Vice President, leaked by Rove-ing reporter (humor).
    It is posted at: Libby Knows who Leaked First
    Bobbing and weaving, a tangled web we do. Book him, Danno.
    Please keep my identity a secret. Double super Secret.
    Middle-aged, Middle-of-the-road, Mid-Westerner
    We can only hope that Fitz doesn’t fizzle.
    I think Mr. Fitzgerald’s motto should be: “If you do a white collar crime then you will serve blue collar time.” Look where he lodged Judith Miller. A few months in a blue collar jail and she was ready to sing. Unfortunately, she says she forgot the words
    The Times & Post They Should Be A-Changin
    Bloggers Request:
    Come writers and critics
    Who prophesize with your pen
    And keep your eyes wide
    The chance won’t come again
    And don’t speak too soon
    For the wheel’s still in spin
    And there’s no tellin’ who
    That it’s namin’.
    For the loser now
    Will be later to win
    For the Times & Post should be a-changin’.
    Good Bye Sulzberger, Keller, Miller, and Woodward!
    Fitzgerald’s response:
    Come politician’s, journalists
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’.
    It’ll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the indictments they are a-comin’.
    –Bob Dylan

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