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Friday March 1st 2024



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Just in Time for the November Election

Crude oil fell to $63.76 a barrel at the close, down nearly 3% from yesterday, as the International Energy Agency and the U.S. Energy Information Administration both cut global demand projections for the rest of 2006 and 2007. Who has more influence over oil prices? George Bush and his Saudi friends or Nancy Pelosi and her socialite buddies?

ABC, bin Laden, Clinton and Monica

by David Phinney Sept. 7, 2006 -- It figures that ABC would be bending current events for reasons beyond my understanding. Ratings? Politics? Ass kissing to the current administration? Who knows? Perhaps, it's just typical corporate incompetence. On January 21, 1998, ABC's Jackie Judd was the first network reporter to broadcast the [...]

All that Jazz about “Viva la Nueva Orleans”

New Orleans will end up looking like Los Angeles soon, thanks to the flood of illegal workers flooding in from south of the border to do the rebuilding along the Gulf Coast. That's the prediction of a Los Angeles Times commentary. Why will this be? The Department of Homeland Security temporarily suspended sanctions against employers hiring workers [...]

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