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Questions Under Investigation

From: dcphinney Sent: Friday, July 29, 2005 9:40 AM To:....'(Army Field Support Command) Subject: LOGCAP subcontractors (......), I am working on a possible story for CorpWatch regarding LOGCAP subcontractors and the employment of third country nationals who are largely recruited from India, the Philippines, Pakistan, Turkey, Sri Lanka and [...]

Filipinos and others Protest Working Conditions in Iraq with Work Stoppage

by David Phinney May 30, 2005 -- The latest sad chapter in the use of cheap labor to support the US military in Iraq: Three hundred Filipino workers waged a labor strike and work stoppage against US military contractors Prime Projects International, a leading subcontractor to Halliburton's subsidiary, KBR. The 300 Filipinos were joined by [...]

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